Why do families choose Khan's?

The college admissions process is a challenging time for most students. From maintaining your grades, internships, & extracurriculars, to writing your Common Application, we've all been there. KT's signature MCAP prepares our students in six ways.

Common Application & Supplemental Essays

We guide our students through all areas of the Common App & Supplemental essays for their applications.

Financial Aid

We provide valuable guidance to our students as they apply for federal and state student aid through FAFSA & TAP.


Our students have access to exclusive scholarship opportunities that other students might not be aware of.


Our students are matched with experienced mentors in the field of their interest.

Finding Schools

Our students recieve expert help finding schools that best match their interests and needs.

Resume & Interview Building Skills

We help students develop comprehensive resumes and interview skills that will ensure they ace their interviews.

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Our Program

We prepare our students to excel throughout the admissions process and gain acceptance to the top colleges of their choice with financial aid and scholarships.

Weekly Sessions

MCAP students meet with their Instructors weekly to recieve valuable seminars from trained Instructors on the college admissions process.

Small Group Classes

Instructors lead small groups of 4-5 students with similar needs to provide a personalized experience.

Workshops & Seminars

Personalized workshops and seminars are designed to provide students with valuable college admissions information.

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What are benefits parents & students see after enrollment?

After enrolling in KT, parents and students see a wide range of improvements in their skills.

College Admissions

Our goal is to ensure our students get into a competitive school suited for their needs and interests.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

KT Instructors walk students and their families through scholarship and financial aid applications, ensuring your college experience is affordable.

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